Deploy JANUSEC Application Gateway in Docker Container

The JANUSEC application gateway is preferred to be deployed directly on the Linux server and listens on port 80/443. It can be used as the K8S Ingress Controller to forward external user requests to K8S Pods (each Pod listens on the same port). If you adopt the direct deployment mode, you can ignore the following content and see Quick Start.

If you want to deploy JANUSEC application gateway inside docker container, please continue to read the following content, for experiential purposes only, not recommended for production environments.


Please check whether the Docker service is enabled (the expected result is enabled).

systemctl status docker

If the return result is disabled, please enable it:

systemctl enable docker

Step 1:Download image

docker pull janusec/janusec:1.3.1

Step 2:Run

docker run -d –privileged=true –restart=always -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 9080:9080 -p 9443:9443 janusec/janusec:1.3.1 /sbin/init

Step 3:Access the Management Entrance of the Gateway


username: admin
Password: J@nusec123 (Prompt for modification after login)

Please ensure that the network from this container to the back-end service is reachable.

Update from earlier version(optional)

If you have installed the previous version, you can refer to the following steps to upgrade it.
The following assumes that the container ID is XXXXXX (please modify according to the actual ID).

Copy update package to container:

docker cp ./janusec-1.x.x-amd64.tar.gz XXXXXX:/tmp/

Log in to the console in the container:

docker exec -it XXXXXX /bin/bash

Update it within the container:

cd /tmp/
tar -zxf janusec-1.x.x-amd64.tar.gz
cd janusec-1.x.x
./ (Input 1 to continue)
systemctl restart janusec

Check the service status:

systemctl status janusec

If OK then exit the container.

You can commit the container as a new image (optional):

docker commit -m “1.3.1” XXXXXX janusec/janusec:1.3.1

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