Migrate to Janusec Application Gateway

Scenario: Migrate the published Web application to be published through the JANUSEC application gateway.

Step 1: Install and Configure Janusec Application Gateway

Refer to Installation, install janusec application gateway and configure digital certificate, application.

Step 2: Hosts Test

After configuration, modify you local hosts file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts ( not the Gateway) for test.

the_gateway_ip your_domain_name

Then, open web browser and navigate to https://your_domain_name.

Step 3: Modify DNS

If test OK, modify your DNS setting for production, let domain name point to the gateway, and restore your local hosts.

Step 4: Enhance Security ( Optional )

Modify the listening address of your real servers, from external or all IP address (example: to internal IP address (example:

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