WAF Management

Add or Edit WAF Policy

Add or Edit WAF Policy

Typical Check Points

Example: http://www.yourdomain.com/blog/show.php?id=1&category=2

URLPath: /blog/show.php
URLQuery: id=1&category=2
GetPostKey: [id, category]
GetPostValue: [1, 2]

GetPostKey, GetPostValue used for both GET and POST method
If you want to check url values only ( GET Only ), please select URLQuery .

Regular Expression

Janusec Application Gateway adopts Google RE2 Regular Expression . In order to simplify configuration, Janusec Application Gateway will preprocess the values to be detected. Typically, remove ' and " , replace /**/ by white space etc. Example:



will cover these values:

1' aNd '1'='1
abc' oR "abc"="abc


p{L} used for unicode character.



Block Information of Janusec Application Gateway


Usually used for CC attacks or frequently requests.

Captcha of Janusec Application Gateway

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