Node Management

Application Gateway

Node Type

  • Primary Node, there must have one and only one Primary Node, and a PostgreSQL is required.
  • Replica Node, optional, no database required.

Single Node Architecture

  • One Primary Node.
  • No DNS Load Balance required.
  • For small scale web applications.

Multiple Nodes Architecture

  • One Primary Node and multiple Replica Nodes Architecture.
  • Only the Primary Node requires a PostgreSQL database.
  • GSLB or DNS Load Balance required.
  • For large scale web applications.

Replica Node

Open web administration portal, and manage replica nodes.

Replica Node

Replica Node: node_key in /usr/local/janusec/config.json are corresponding to the image, like the following:

	"node_role": "replica",
	"replica_node": {		
		"node_key": "8c4609...5a5fa9",
		"sync_addr": ""

For security reasons, you should apply for a seperate domain name for the primary node, and configure an application, as follow:

Application Name: JANUSEC
Destination: (It will not be accessed)
Domain: domain name for the primary node
Certificate: certificate available to above domain name

Then “sync_addr” can be configured with https, example: https://your_gate_domain:9443/janusec-admin/api

When listen=true in config.json, “sync_addr” should has colon and port number.
When listen=false, remove colon and port number.

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