Application Management


At least one digital certificate is required if you need https support.
Certificate Management

Add or Edit Application

Open web administration portal and navigate to Application Management.
Add or Edit an Application


  • Backend or Internal Scheme, default http and thus no certificates required in your real servers.
  • Destination, IP:Port format, port is required even if the port is 80.
  • Multiple destinations for backend load balancing.
  • Client IP for WAF, default REMOTE_ADDR, Janusec WAF will get IP address from IP package, but if you are using Janusec Application Gateway behind a trustable CDN of third parties, usually the last IP of X-Forwarded-For should be taken, please refer to the documentation of CDN, and select relevant option, for example: the option X_Forwarded_For used for the last IP of X-Forwarded-For within the request header.
  • Janusec Application Gateway will add or append the IP address of the client or CDN to the end of X-Forwarded-For, so your real servers behind Janusec Application Gateway should always use the last IP or the penultimate IP of X-Forwarded-For as client IP address.
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